Advertising Agency Marbella

What is Digital Marketing?



Digital marketing expert Marbella refers to all forms of advertising that are done in the digital arena, often advertising agency Marbella will do everything from appearing high in search results in Google or Bing, to sponsored adverts in Instagram or Facebook. These forms of marketing are taking over with traditional marketing forms such as magazine and radio in sharp decline.


With multiple forms of digital marketing company Marbella options are often hard to find and know what is the right way and not just the right way in general but also the right way for your particular business or service, some strategies work better on social media others work better on YouTube etc etc.


Like with any industry the digital marketing arena is full of promises from individuals or companies who can’t deliver or do not do the job properly, paid platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook make it very easy for people to start a paid campaign and obviously they want to make the most money from you so it’s often very easy to get started but a lot harder to streamline and only spend money on the highest return rather than just throwing money at it hoping to get a return.


Organic visibility is also a very tricky skill to master and often every company out there promises to be an SEO expert Marbella is but as there is only 10 spaces on the first page of google only the top 10 can be visible so companies often give very vague number for results and when you ask how long it will take the answer is also very vague.

Skilled marketers are a lot better at predicting time frames and expected results, as with any industry if you ask a skilled builder how much a certain project will cost after a bit of research you should get a fairly accurate time frame and cost, now while its hard to predict extremely accurately with skill an estimate of expectations should be possible.


When asking a company how long to see results if they can’t give any fairly accurate estimates its quite likely they do not know what they are doing.


It is also worth considering contacting marketing consultant Marbella, so you have a good understanding of what is needed and what is the best options for your business you can then get quotes from companies and be confident you can elect the best digital marketing agency Marbella.